Katrijn Van Damme

Katrijn Van Damme

Master Project – The wrap effect

MA final project “The wrap effect”:

The Bulgarian artist Christo claimed: “Verhüllung ist Verheissung”.

Wrapping evokes many questions. The most important is always: what is inside the package? If the content remains unattainable, a void will arise – the promise is not kept. But this void brings with it a certain curiosity and subsequently fires the imagination.

This study was launched on the basis of two questions: What is the visual impact of wrapping? And what is the relationship between inside and outside if there is no content?

The research within this project is mostly experimental. The main goal of the project was to create a promise through wrapping, for instance by using moulding. The choice of materials and the design were important due to the restrictive dimensions of jewellery and the technical limits of moulding.

The last wrap. Necklace. Plaster, cotton cords. 130x130x23mm

Rubbish II. Necklace. Rubber, thread, beads.

PURU Pearls. Necklace. PU rubber, nylon thread.

Vacuum necklace. PVC, bias binding.

Vacuum pendant. PVC, cotton thread.

"Rubbish" brooch. Rubber mold, tape

"Babushka" necklaces. Gypsum, silicone, pvc, thread, beads.

"2 wrap" necklace (different ways of wear). Silicone, PU, beads, thread.

"Rubbish" brooch (front and back side). Rubber mold, PU, bead.

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